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hi, i'm daniel, i write and record songs. you can find them all here. almost..

i have been building this discography over the years and it means a lot to me that people can listen to it and find meaning (or at least feeling) from these sounds in their own lives.

by subscribing help me to continue crafting words into music and you make it easy to bring the fruits of this labour (of love) to your ears; be it by phone, headphones, speaker system, or gramophone (TBA)... included in the subscription is a selection of previous albums which will give you an idea of how the music has evolved over time AND a preview track of an upcoming diptych (currently in the final stages of neurotic mix down and ecstatic assemblage). you of course will automatically receive ALL future releases as they come out (usually something small every season of the year OR something bigger once a year )

occasionally i will release a demo of a new song or a relic from the archives as a bonus for the subscriber community only, who can then comment on how strange or lovely it sounds, or straight up ask me about the weather in montreal. thanks for your support! -d

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Montréal, Québec
next show is at madame claude in berlin on 10-01-2017 /////////////////// then private houseshow in karlsruhe on 27-01-2017 /////////////////////////////// then in paris on january 29th, savour the afternoon @ break'art mix (email for info)

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